11 - 13 AUGUST 2023



For more than twenty years fans of the old VW beetle have had their main event in a small pine forest just north of Oslo. The event is based around our mutual love for the culture and the era of the air-cooled Volkswagens & Porsches and a level of coziness that blows the scales. Most visitors camp at the site with their family and have a great time in this vintage “village” all weekend long.

The whole event is a giant show & shine with around 1000 amazing cars. All participants are considered for the award ceremony Saturday evening!

Cars in motion is poetry to us and since the venue is the Gardermoen International Raceway we enjoy seeing some of the fastest nostalgic racers there are on the track!

You can expect to see everything from Schwimmwagens to the fastest pan-car on the planet, also known as the Skinne Beetle.

You will find stock cars, rally cars, custom, cal-lookers and home-built monster race cars.

SCC is the place big dogs go to prove their worth!

Friday night the Screwdrivers club host their annual T-Bar-B-Q and serve burgers and beer, this is a tradition as old as the event itself.

The SCC is focused around letting people use their cars and having fun, that’s why we also arrange a slalom competition on site where everyone can participate.

Saturday night we welcome all to a live concert for those that want to party the night away.

You will also find the best swap-meet on site, and big vendor shops with parts and special discounts for the weekend.

There is catering on hand with great food and drinks so you don’t have to have a BBQ unless you want to.

Long after the smell of track bite is gone you will remember the friendly atmosphere!


Show and Shine

Camping – optional electricity

Quarter mile drag racing

Record attempts



Vintage rally


Barbeques & party

Drive-in movie


Vendor area


Award ceremony

Toilets and showers

Gates open normally Friday 10:00 and close 17:00 Sunday. Kids under the age of 16 gets free enterance.

Racers or others with big rigs can come in from Thursday at 12:00, with pre-paid tickets. Limited electricity available.


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