SCC Super Scenic 2023 2-4 june.

The first highlight of the season is soon here, the SCC Super Scenic, which was already a tradition halfway through the first installment!

This year's trip will go around the inner part of the beautiful Sognefjord. The official start is from Tyinkrysset (Tyin crossroad) at 12.00 on Friday 2 June. It takes about 4 hours to get to Tyinkrysset from the Oslo area, so an early (joint) departure on Friday from those areas is an option. Otherwise, there are various accommodation options in the Tyin area.

Friday, we start from Tyin and head to Øvre Årdal, and from there over to Fortun via the mountain road Tindevegen, before spending the night in Sogndal. We recommend staying at Kjørnes Camping, they have a good capacity for both cars and tents. Slightly limited capacity in cabins and apartments, so feel free to share with a friend and book well in advance. Order directly to the campsite by email at or telephone 97544156

Saturday, the trip continues to Fjærland, Jølster, and Gaularfjellet, the ferry across to Vangsnes, and we spend the night in Vik. In Vik we are welcome to camp in the garden of local VW enthusiast Gunde Engan, or at Blix Hotell a stone's throw away. Both these locations are downtown Vik :-) At Blix, there are 27 double rooms reserved for SCC until 15 April. As of 12.04.23 there are only 6 rooms left! We are planning a dinner and breakfast at Blix, this is also open for the camping people. Book a room directly with Blix by email or telephone 57696550

Camping in Vik

If you need asphalt or gravel ground for camping with WC free of charge, reach out to our local Grunde Engan, phonenumber 95 98 27 47. For camping on grass, contact the camping grounds.

Vik Camping (in the town center) (some cabins) phone 57695125

Tistel Camping (5km outside the town, towards Voss). A noumber of simple cabins. phone 90934889

Djuvik Camping (5km outside the town, towards Vangsnes). phone 91141878.

Blix Hotel

phone 57696550

Single room inc. breakfast kr 1225,-

Double room inc. breakfast 1525,-

Regardles of camping arragments, hotell Blix serves breakfast at kr 175 pr person for all.

Sunday, the trip goes over Vikafjellet, and back home. The tour itself is free of charge and requires no registration. But feel free to click "participate" in the Facebook event SCC Super Scenic 2023, so we have clue as to how many participant we will be. Stickers and t-shirts will be sold from the SCC bus.



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